Tuesday, June 10, 2008

34 years and 10 stone

I must be getting forgetful, so I can't thank anyone specifically, but someone gave me a copy of Alexi Murdoch's album Time without consequence, which having listened to it quite a lot recently I'd guess that I'd obviously been playing them Nick Drake and John Martyn and they had reciprocated.

Anyway, months later it pops up again whilst on my way to work in the car (hurrah for built-in mp3 players) and has become a permanent fixture of late.

Knowing next to nothing about him I trawled the net to find the album is from 2006 and nothing since apart from a few live bootlegs from last year so hopefully there'll be some more soon.

I hear Nick Drake & John Martyn with the soft cashmere touch of Mark Eitzel's voice, and a good looking young man to boot. Since I don't have a copy of John Martyn's Church with one bell, I'll have to rely on someone's charity to post it in the comments...are you still out there Bosh?

Listen: Alexi Murdoch - Orange Sky

Listen: Mark Eitzel - Western Sky

Listen: Nick Drake - Northern Sky

Alexi Murdoch - Official
Mark Eiztel - Official
Nick Drake.com, with an interview withe Kathryn Williams, although there's no end of sites that have been offering Nick Drake love for a lot longer.

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