Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dave Hosking - Apple

Dave Hosking is from Sydney, or at least he says that's where he is at the moment, but his accent makes it difficult to believe he's not english. This is from the debut Marmalade Hill EP, unfortunately Dave forgot to tell me how exactly you are supposed to actually get hold of it, but maybe he'll add it in the comments.
This is classy folk-pop, kind of like the Nizlopi in that there's definitely cross-over potential here, the sort that happens when Grey's Anatomy or something more hip picks up on a track. I was reading just the other day about the TV series and indie films that are proving better at launching smaller artists, something that I found out that Alexi Murdoch benefitted from, although I'm still waiting for the Shins to change my life Natalie, thanks.

Listen: Dave Hosking - Apple


I'm going to assume that this Dave Hoskings is not to be confused with the other Melbourne based Dave Hosking who I found whilst tryin to find something more to write, whose substantial body of work seems worth investigating in its own right - you can listen to some of his previous work on that website.

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