Friday, July 11, 2008

Euros Childs - Chops

I love Euros Childs. But I have it on good authority (Kate) that I'm not allowed to marry him and bear his children because the world isn't ready for that amount of curly hair. At the very least, apparently we'd have to have some sanction in place from some kind of higher power. Hey ho.

Chops passed me by a couple of years ago but I picked it up in the jumble-like Zavvi sale for a measly pound (yep, a whole one of your English pounds) a few weeks back and it's been in altenate rotation with Pacific Ocean Blue ever since. There is more than a hint of the lovelorn summer breeze about it, too.

Have a listen to Costa Rita - maybe it's growing up in a seaside town and knowing the winter emptiness, maybe it's the flute, but it something about it really gets to me. And it's possibly one of the best songs about a peanut seller I've ever heard, second only to Peanuts, Big Jumbo Ones (or at least that's what it was called in our house - let's hope someone out there knows what I'm on about other than you, Howard).

Circus Time is a winner too - Euros on piano and his sister on violin. It's enough to make you pack up for the hills of Wales, pronto. It can't be any wetter than here.

Listen: Euros Childs - Costa Rita

Listen: Euros Childs - Circus Time

Buy at Amazon for a fiver, or trawl the shelves at the dreaded Zavvi.

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