Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ruth Minnikin - Folk Art

Some strange, stark and lovely songs from Ruth Minnikin. Do any of you know her from The Guthries? I can see why people compare her to Leonard Cohen and Gillian Welch - it's the mix of an unflinching gaze and a spot of playfulness. You don't often get heartbreak, banjo, cracked vocals and french horn all in one go, do you?

Recorded in just a couple of days, Folk Art is a 30 minute sprint through some of the most inventive and affecting music I've heard for ages. Recommended.

Listen: Ruth Minnikin - Stairs

Listen: Ruth Minnikin - Song Mill

I can't find anywhere where you can buy this online, which is a real shame as it comes in a hand-printed canvas case with hand-written lining - I think you can only buy it at gigs. I'll keep looking and, in the meantime, do yourself a favour and download some more songs here.


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