Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chris Flew - Kingston Bridge

That's Kingston Bridge as in Glasgow, by the way. An incongruous choice of a title - this is about as far away from an impersonal motorway (cold, grey and long) as you can get.

Chris Flew writes and makes impeccable Scottish americana folk, as well as doing all kinds of creative filmy things. He's opened for lonesome types Laura Veirs and Damien Jurado, among others, and that alone should be enough to get you all to take a listen.

It's a lo-fi swoon of an album, full of twang, a bit of slide, and hushed vocals. Just the ticket for indie kids who are on the turn towards the country light... go on, you know you want to.

Listen: Chris Flew - Audrey

Listen: Chris Flew - R+J

More mp3s and tour dates on the official site.

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