Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Picking with the kinfolk

We are lucky to be surrounded by love and laughter in our family.
I mean, hands up, who here plays 'bands' at the weekends? Most of us, in one way or another, I'd guess. But I bet not many of us would throw ourselves into it with such aplomb as the Lonesome gang (junior version). Top marks for the dress-up, D - not many girls can wear a rock cape with such conviction.

One of us is 10 today. Happy birthday Q. XXX

And in honour of our babies, in age order, here's a Lonesome set list:

Listen: Jarvis Cocker - Quantum Theory (Buy)

Listen: Fleet Foxes - Oliver James (Buy)

Listen: Jesse Malin - Aftermath (Buy)

Listen: Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Something To Believe (Buy)

Listen: Ronald Binge - Sailing By (Buy)

Listen: Fionn Regan - Noah (Buy)

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