Monday, April 20, 2009

Karine Polwart at Homegame

When your very favourite things are (1) being by the sea, (2) being with friends who just get it, (3) easy pints and (4) music, then Homegame is just about the perfect festival.

I'm just back from a euphoric few days up in Anstruther where I developed a bit of a crush on Karine Polwart. (And several other Fence-y types, if truth be told). But Karine's the one to post up here - a breath of folky beauty; clear, beautiful and with a huge generosity and warmth.

Listen: Karine Polwart - The Light on the Shore

Listen: Karine Polwart - Follow the Heron

Buy Faultlines or Scribbled In Chalk from Karine's website - more downloads there too.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Love + Hate = Hate

Yet another corker from King Creosote. Any song that starts with lyrics about an internal magnet that pulls you north is going to be a winner in my book.

Love, loneliness, regret, northern lights and cats to a swirly backing with extra accordian. Sigh.

Listen: King Creosote & HMS Ginafore - Aurora Boring Alias

From an album with HMS Ginafore (filed under 'various artists'). Buy it direct from the Fence Records website.

Anyone else coming to Homegame?

Friday, April 03, 2009

Lonesome Mixtape on When You Awake

We were delighted when Jody from the fantastic When You Awake asked us to do a mix tape - what an honour. So, if you want more of us, head on over for a kind of Lonesome best of.

It’s made up of songs that we’ve posted over the years and especially loved. We’ve missed out a firm family favourite (Brand New Love) and we would have liked to have featured some more recorders, but we're secretly quite pleased with how it turned out.

Here's the link.