Friday, November 13, 2009

Mark Eitzel and Franz Nicolay

A rainy Monday; deepest, darkest Leeds 6 and two be-hatted miserablists. How's that for a recipe for a fun night? Pretty irresistable from where I'm standing. Eitzel was headlining, of course, and Nicolay admitted he was a bit starstruck and had learned the guitar from Songs of Love. I'm just posting up the cover of Nicolay's album because, well, it's a good 'tache. And he's sporting a similar number.

So, a night of tears in beers, jokey openings and jumping in the crowd for Franz, Rabelasian stories from Mark (samples: "this song is about a whore I knew.... this one's about a sad male stripper"), not many girls in the crowd, handsigned merch and general good times. With extra banjo.

Listen: Franz Nicolay - Cease Fire or Mrs Norman Maine

Listen: American Music Club - Nightwatchman

Buy Franz or solo Mark, or some classic AMC. Sigh.