Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Candidate - Swear it will Snow

This little beauty popped up on the shuffle as I was heading over white frosty hills yesterday morning and it was just a bit of a moment. Isn't it great when that happens?

Did you all hear this Candidate album a couple of years ago? It's a swoony, whimsical and very English pop album that I'm surprised has kept such a low profile. It's a proper grown up album full of good tunes and clever references - a good thing and well worth a revisit.

Listen: Candidate - Swear it will Snow

Oh, and it's got a song on it called Harryhausen, which can't help but make you smile if you've been raised on frequent viewings of Jason and the Argonaut. (And Sinbad the Sailor, too - our Mum can't look at Jane Seymour without mentioning that seagull foot). Bring on the Christmas edition.

Buy it.

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