Monday, January 11, 2010

Goldie Hill - Don't Send Me No More Roses

Right, hands up who knows about Goldie Hill? I must confess that I didn't until last year, when my friend Kate shared her copy of this little beauty, a re-release of some of Goldie's unrelentingly miserable hits.

It's full-on 1950's heartbreak, bleak as hell and bloody marvellous. Along with Kitty Wells, Goldie was one of the first women to score a country number one hit. Apparently love and Nashville radio made her go a bit more uptempo in the 1960's, but we're not here for that, are we?

Listen: Goldie Hill - Call Off The Wedding (this starts with the wedding march and a talky bit - joys!)

Listen: Goldie Hill - I'm the Lonliest Gal in Town

Buy it - they're all as good.

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