Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Glen - If this is love

It's all gone a bit Glen around these parts recently and I want to join in.

I love a bit of Glen - you've had Southern Nights at least twice over the years, which would be my normal choice, so here's another top pick. It's a two minute-stomper, full of top alliteration and picky guitars. I don't think it was a hit, mind; my sources call it 'curiously unsuccessful'. Ha.

It's on the mighty mighty Galveston, which is worth buying just for the title track, never mind this one and the swoonsome Where's the Playground, Susie?

Listen: Glen Campbell - If This Is Love

P.S. Interesting stuff afoot... When I went back to link to the Southern Nights posts back in 2005 and 2007, they've curiously disappeared. No DMCA email about that one, just gone. Bit irritating that. Same happened to Howard's post last year on Akron Family. I think only I noticed. On the positive side, I did find that some of our ancient comments from 2004 seem to have made it over in the blogger upgrade debacle. Cor, we've been rattling on for ages.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homegame and The Unthanks

Ah, another euphoric weekend up in Anstruther for Homegame and more folky goodness to share with you. There really is something about waking up to sun on the sea, a diet of refined and deep-fried carbs and being down the pub with some of your favourite pop stars to lift a girl's spirits.

It's always a bit of a pick'n'mix of a bill - this year even more so - and The Unthanks were a very welcome edition and one of the few bands who reduced the rabble-rousing Town Hall into silence. Just gorgeous. And with added clog dancing as a bonus.

And it's not every festival that ends up with a ceilidh - you don't get to strip the willow with the bands at Glastonbury, do you?

Listen: The Unthanks - Annachie Gordon.

Buy it.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Extraordinary indeed

Sometimes it's the obvious ones that really get you, isn't it?

It's been an aural battery recently, folks. Wedding songs (up, down aisles and around the dancefloor), songs on taxi radios on too early/too late/too fragile commutes, the BBC4 Friday 9 o'clocker - all in all, it's been quite an assault.

Listen: John Denver - Annie's Song (floods, people)

Listen: James Taylor - Shower The People

Listen: Leonard Cohen - Dance Me to the End of Love (live)

Buy Denver, Taylor and Cohen.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Your heart is like the Rothko Chapel

Cold, dark, void yet simple and intriguing.

I found myself in the Liverpool Tate this hungover Sunday morning and, seekinga seat and dim lighting, went in to have a good look at these. I've been singing this song to myself ever since - have you lot heard it?

I first heard of David Dondero (and this beauty) a couple of years ago on the ever-impressive songs:illinois, one of the very finest and most consistent sources of new music out there and, in the way that these things work, went out and found myself some more. David Dondero weaves wandering tales that manage to pack an emotional punch and still have you dancing around the kitchen.

If you haven't heard this before, then do listen hard to the lyrics. He certainly has got a good way with words. And any man that quotes Charlie Parker in the chorus has got to be alright with me.

Listen: David Dondero - Rothko Chapel

Buy the album.