Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Extraordinary indeed

Sometimes it's the obvious ones that really get you, isn't it?

It's been an aural battery recently, folks. Wedding songs (up, down aisles and around the dancefloor), songs on taxi radios on too early/too late/too fragile commutes, the BBC4 Friday 9 o'clocker - all in all, it's been quite an assault.

Listen: John Denver - Annie's Song (floods, people)

Listen: James Taylor - Shower The People

Listen: Leonard Cohen - Dance Me to the End of Love (live)

Buy Denver, Taylor and Cohen.


  1. oh gawd. i wasn't supposed to be drinking tonight but now...

  2. You get on A+ for the Cohen. A double plus if it was available. But end up with with a d- or even just F with the inclusion of J Denver and J Taylor. What were yiu thinking??

  3. Ooh, anonymous, that was a bit unnecessarily shirty. We play nice round here, don't you know?

    I wasn't thinking, just feeling - that's the whole point of the post. And there's a link to a live Leonard Cohen album at the bottom of the post - one of the aforementioned BBC4 9 o'clockers - it's the first song.

  4. Watch out, the taste police are on patrol.

  5. Oh nice links! I like the Cohen, thanks for posting!

  6. Nice music, I love old songs, they are so romantic and unspoiled with contemporary digital, fake voices. James Taylor will always sing in my heart.