Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homegame and The Unthanks

Ah, another euphoric weekend up in Anstruther for Homegame and more folky goodness to share with you. There really is something about waking up to sun on the sea, a diet of refined and deep-fried carbs and being down the pub with some of your favourite pop stars to lift a girl's spirits.

It's always a bit of a pick'n'mix of a bill - this year even more so - and The Unthanks were a very welcome edition and one of the few bands who reduced the rabble-rousing Town Hall into silence. Just gorgeous. And with added clog dancing as a bonus.

And it's not every festival that ends up with a ceilidh - you don't get to strip the willow with the bands at Glastonbury, do you?

Listen: The Unthanks - Annachie Gordon.

Buy it.

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