Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Your heart is like the Rothko Chapel

Cold, dark, void yet simple and intriguing.

I found myself in the Liverpool Tate this hungover Sunday morning and, seekinga seat and dim lighting, went in to have a good look at these. I've been singing this song to myself ever since - have you lot heard it?

I first heard of David Dondero (and this beauty) a couple of years ago on the ever-impressive songs:illinois, one of the very finest and most consistent sources of new music out there and, in the way that these things work, went out and found myself some more. David Dondero weaves wandering tales that manage to pack an emotional punch and still have you dancing around the kitchen.

If you haven't heard this before, then do listen hard to the lyrics. He certainly has got a good way with words. And any man that quotes Charlie Parker in the chorus has got to be alright with me.

Listen: David Dondero - Rothko Chapel

Buy the album.

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