Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell

Thanks to the BBC's recent programme on Queens of Country on Bobbie Gentry I'm now well into my fourth album on repeat listening - there's some great twofers on amazon. I went for Mornin' Glory just because I like to hear her yawn, really.

Listen: Bobbie Gentry - Mornin' Glory

Buy it - part of a twofer

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  1. OMG! I thought April Stevens was something. Bobbie is as good as audio gets.

  2. what a great blog you have. It's so interesting, and refreshingly different, and I love the music!


  3. Local Gentry is my favourite album of hers, not least because of the cover.

  4. Love the blog! I can't find an email address for you two, so I'm posting here... Are you familiar with a radio show here in the US called High Plains Morning? It's out of the Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas area, and it's right up your alley. http://www.hppr.org/hpm.html -- live streaming is available.