Monday, November 08, 2010

When we admit our parents were right

I took a small sojourn from my current occupationless status this weekend to be take up officiant/reverend-duties at the wedding of one of my very best friends. The lakeland horizontal rain held off, hands were fasted, fires were lit, fiddles were played, hearts were warmed.
Happy, happy days. So let's have a bumper crop of (slightly sadder) wedding songs, shall we?

Listen: Tim Hart & Maddy Prior - Sorry the Day I Was Married (Buy)

Listen: Mark Lanegan - Wedding Dress (Buy) (this really gets me)

Listen: The Arlenes - Married Life (Buy)

Listen: The Reeltime Travelers - Too Young to Marry (Buy)

Listen(kind of a little anthem): Tom Waits - Better Off Without a Wife (Buy)

What have I missed? (Apart from good old TS and his private words addressed in public, obviously - still trying to wean myself off of all that).

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