Monday, December 20, 2010

Bon Chica Christmas

Hope you're wrapped up warm wherever you find yourself reading this - here we've got a little bit of snow on the first day of my Christmas holiday, and I'm going through the lonesome music emails, here's the first recommendation for you:

Get yourself over to Bon Chica's bandcamp site and sample and download their 2 Christmassy free tracks.

Echo Chamber : Boca Chica / Snow Angels from Draw Us Lines on Vimeo.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dottie West - Miss Country Sunshine

Walking home from TWP on Monday night, Howard and I were having a keep-warm conflab about the country ladies we've been listening to recently, like you (we) do. I tried to give it my best Dottie West impression, but can't really do her (or her 'do) justice, so I'm putting some up here.

I think I first heard these Dottie West songs on the mighty Big Rock Candy Mountain - do go and have a read if you don't already - they've got some right christmas crackers up there at the moment. Why she's not in the Country Music Wax Museum between Crystal and Tammy, I just don't know.

We could all do with a dose of country sunshine at the moment, couldn't we?

Listen: Dottie West - Country Sunshine

Listen: Dottie West - Night Life

Listen: Dottie West - Reno


Saturday, December 04, 2010

What Saturday afternoons are made for #1

Right, it's been far too indie-boy/girl credible around here lately - what we need is a dose of some proper good stuff.

I know I'll be talking to the right crowd here - but really, can you honestly think of a finer way to spend cold and grey afternoons/your adolescence/a spell of unemployment than with a film, definitely vintage, preferably musical, always with a large mug of tea?

It's a lift-up joy in itself, and then you get the added shibboleth delight of talking about it with a small but archly knowing crew of fellow afficionados for years to come.
Bit like blogging really.

Ah, take it away, Doris: (she can't remember a worse December, and neither can I)

Listen: Doris Day - I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (Buy)

This post is inspired by Davy's music to roast potatoes to series - consider it a Saturday afternoon counterpart. I feel an occasional series coming on. Next up, ooh, Rex?

P.S. I used to have this very picture in A3 cardboard prop-up format, as lemon as you like, fresh from Leicester market in the the mid 90s. There was a green Elizabeth Taylor one too. Both lost forever after an over-scrupulous charity shop clear out. Let that be a warning to you all.