Thursday, April 14, 2011


Just over five years ago this album soundtracked my time in Vienna, fitting really as Schiele's pictures were displayed at the Belvedere and his portrait 'De Familie' made me cry. It was a surprise for me too.

The painting is infinitely more moving than any photograph of it, so go and see it if you have the chance.

The music is equally stark and architectural and fitting for today.

Listen: Rachel's - Egon and Wally embrace and say farewell


  1. Weird seing this album on here. I saw a Schiele exhibit at the Van Gogh museum and was blown away, then a friend who had studied him in college gave me a copy of this and it completely blew my mind. I am not always affected by art, but this album cut Schieles art to a depth that much art has reached for me.

  2. this is a great album...RACHEL's other discs are great as well...i saw them perform in Baltimore in '96 in a warehouse apt. it was wonderful. thanks for bringin it back to my attention

    if youre interested, there is a free album i think you may enjoy.

    recorded around the house. and outside.