Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beach Boys - Goin' South

So early Summer and I'm already hitting the mid-late 70's Beach Boys, it happens every year. This is from their 1979 album L.A., it doesn't come close to their late 60's peak, but I coming to understand the later albums more as I get older myself. Cheesy sax solo, but a great, mournful vocal.

Listen: The Beach Boys - Goin' South

Don't buy it from here - there are much cheaper places.


  1. I've always given this a wide berth - was I right to? I quite like this, though you're right about the sax.

  2. The album is more miss than hit in my opinion and if you've got the best of the brother years you're all set for the LA album tracks you need. That said when they are on shuffle it's rare I need to skip the song.