Saturday, July 02, 2011

adrian crowley - the beekeeper's wife

It is increasingly rare that I hear something on radio and immediately it seek out to buy, this song was on Cerys Matthews' radio6 show the other week and just about knocked me off my feet. No idea if it links in with the novel, but the music hums with Summer sweetness.
Apologies if this is all old news to you, but if I hear something and start making favorable comparisons with Mr Eitzel (get well soon Mark) and Leonard Cohen I'm going to make sure I listen to as many songs as I can get my hands on.

Listen: Adrian Crowley - The Beekeeper's Wife

Buy it

Friday, July 01, 2011

John Grant, Jesus and a metaphysical question

Image source and copyright: Leodis, a brilliant archive of old photos of Leeds, with comments. (Comments on this one talk about Woodbine Liz, who I'd only ever thought was Keith Waterhouse character).

I was lucky enough to see John Grant play at the Holy Trinity church last week and it was predictably amazing. Points to note:

- He's got a right pair of lungs on him
- Russian classical piano is a romantic force in any setting (and he's a clever bugger)
- It is strangely satisfying to sing to 'Jesus hates faggots' in a church
- Czars songs still sound ace
- A pleasingly mixed crowd, in all senses (much more so and much more kempt than an AMC audience, but still the same amount of North Face gear)
- And the big question - in the stained glass window, it looks like Jesus is getting the bumps. So, how many bumps would you give him?

Listen: The Czars - Los

Listen: American Music Club - Jesus' Hands (any excuse).

Buy some Czars or, oh come on now, AMC.