Friday, July 01, 2011

John Grant, Jesus and a metaphysical question

Image source and copyright: Leodis, a brilliant archive of old photos of Leeds, with comments. (Comments on this one talk about Woodbine Liz, who I'd only ever thought was Keith Waterhouse character).

I was lucky enough to see John Grant play at the Holy Trinity church last week and it was predictably amazing. Points to note:

- He's got a right pair of lungs on him
- Russian classical piano is a romantic force in any setting (and he's a clever bugger)
- It is strangely satisfying to sing to 'Jesus hates faggots' in a church
- Czars songs still sound ace
- A pleasingly mixed crowd, in all senses (much more so and much more kempt than an AMC audience, but still the same amount of North Face gear)
- And the big question - in the stained glass window, it looks like Jesus is getting the bumps. So, how many bumps would you give him?

Listen: The Czars - Los

Listen: American Music Club - Jesus' Hands (any excuse).

Buy some Czars or, oh come on now, AMC.

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