Monday, September 12, 2011

KC and Jon Hopkins

Have you all got Diamond Mine yet? I haven't heard a more affecting piece of music for a long time.

I saw KC and Jon Hopkins play the whole album earlier this year at Homegame and again last week in Manchester - but really it's one to listen to at home. Although even the most jocular of banter onstage doesn't negate the emotional punch of it all.

This is the one that really gets me. It's a whisper of a thing, really, about the redemptive powers of fatherhood, my namesake, and it makes me go all tight throated:

Listen: King Creosote and Jon Hopkins - Your Young Voice

Dads and fatherhood at the very front of our minds at the moment, people - please send us positive thoughts.


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  1. A mesmerizing record, in ways that mesmerizing records usually aren't. I remember upon first hearing that I'd Never thought Kenny's solo stuff could have been improved upon. This record is proof.