Monday, June 25, 2012

Beachwood Sparks - Talk About Lonesome

Every Summer I load up the mp3 player with Beach Boys and Beachwood Sparks, get out my 12 string guitar and pretend I'm in a soft rock band with country pretensions. It has been so long since the last Beachwood Sparks EP that I've worn out the vinyl and am on my second CD. Perhaps I shouldn't take them to the beach. This might not be up for long so grab the sunshine whilst you can.

Listen: Beachwood Sparks - Talk About Lonesome

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  1. Really GOOOOD Beachwood Sparks track . I also think you guys would dig this little band out of Chicago called Rows of Arrows . Their debut EP , Salt , is posted as a free download on their bandcamp .Peace.

  2. same here, I played BeachBoys songs very loud while enjoying the sun in the beach.