Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Happy Birthday to us - Lonesome is Five

Here we are again - Lonesome is five today. Happy birthday to us.

As we've both said, this site is a bit like a public extension of the kind of rambling conversation that we've been having for a good couple of decades now - we used to swap tapes, then CDs and now we do most of it here on the web.

It's a source of wonder and delight that you lot listen, seem to like it and even join in. So let's celebrate with some cracking old-school country, a bit of folky oddness and a double dose of Eitzel and Gainsbourg. Think that just about sums it up, don't you, Howard?

Listen: George Jones - I've Aged Twenty Years in Five (Buy)

Listen: Mark Eitzel - Chanel No. 5 (Buy)

Listen: Sir Richard Bishop - Elysium Number Five (Buy)

Listen: Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5:55 (Buy)

Listen: Steve Wynn - Highway Five (AMC cover) (Buy)

Listen: Serge Gainsbourg - Wake Me at Five (Buy)

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