Monday, March 07, 2011

Yorkshire Martyrs (0815 hrs only)

Good news - I'm back in the world of gainful employment. Semi-good news - a longish commute means less Radio 4 and lots more chances to feeling a bit emotional on the train. Or feel a bit helpless and weak during an hour's wait at Retford, but that's all to come.

Celebrating my return to work with a few more worky tunes here, then. [Linking back to these posts has made me curse blogger afresh for eating all of our comments - there were some very special Larkin-like ones. Sigh.]

Listen: Bonnie Prince Billy - No More Workhouse Blues
(I am your favourite horse!) (Buy)

Listen: American Music Club - Job to Do
(Surprisingly noisy towards the end, but good) (Buy)

Listen: Sufjan Stevens - To the Workers of the Rockford...
(Beautiful and will take as long to write out the title as it will to listen to it) (Buy - you certainly get your money's worth with this one)

Any excuse: Listen: Riders In The Sky - Back in the Saddle Again
(No words needed) (Buy)


  1. Nice set of tunes. Always great to see Riders in the Sky get props. Best wishes from the USA!

  2. Many congrats on the job Beth. No mean feat for anyone these days.

    Commuting can be the most evil of necessaries.