Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Thank you Mr Jansch

If only I could make a thumbpick sound that good. A man of seemingly few words, who, unlike so many people whose music I enjoy, I actually wanted to meet, to see play up close and now that isn't going to happen. I suggest you all go and check his youtube clips, then follow it with some of Davy Graham's and John Martyn's. I'm sure the blogs are awash with tracks, but here are my humble submissions to encourage you to check his albums out:

Listen: Bert Jansch - Needle of Death
Listen: Bert Jansch - Courting Blues

Buy it - better yet get the twofer.

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  1. Bert Jansch is fantastic! Hopefully you will like my music too. My debut album is released on the label Les Cousins. As you probably know Les Cousins was THE place for folk music in 60′s folk revival in London. It was a place that hosted many fine musicians, like Bert Jansch.

    Please check out the new release from the artist Laike that will be released on the 27th of February on the British folk label Les Cousins Music. Start with this song: and if you like it you can hear the whole album here:

    If you prefer mp3 you can get one song here:

    "With a piano-led riff, bringing to mind the Canterbury sound, the final track “Tankefabriken” has a bright energetic groove that makes you smile before drifting into a deep forest drone without any warning, great stuff and an excellent way to round off a wonderful collection." - Terrascope

    So immediately I went to check the album and the label and I discovered an amazing psych-folk album, that sounds like a modern Synesthesia, Trees, Dando Shaft, with touches of a more upbeat Espers vibe. John Martyn-like guitar picking, electric guitar, Sitar, Wurlitzer and other retro sounds creates a really beautiful production and songs. I can’t understand a word but who cares. This is a must have for people who miss the acid-folk revival of 2006 - Small Town Romance

    "A very nice album, fitting with what can be heard in the (best examples of the) progressive scene in Sweden nowadays (so this band would work perfectly with such bands on stage in the live arena)." - Pshychevanhefolk

    Press images here:


    Christofer - Laike