Monday, May 07, 2012

My Darling Clementine - She Is Still my Weakness

 There's loads of other lonesome music that I've been meaning to give an airing - a new HAL album (oddly Bee Gee-influenced), several Bonnie Prince Billy albums, Josh Ritter (really good actually) and a new Spain album (not as bad as the last, not as good as the first).

Maybe they'll get a post to themselves, but in the meantime here are My Darling Clementine with classic county-style duet (he's a Tindersticks style baritone, she's a woman wronged). From their album How do you plead? this was the track that made me think about posting again. There's pedal steel, a telecaster twanging somewhere in the corner and a hammond underpinning the whole thing. They are from the UK, but that really doesn't matter.

Listen: My Darling Clementine - She is still my weakness
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  2. Hey I really like these guys! Take care of you, its been a long while.... Ray